Pronoun Garden - Learner Centered Touch and Play Digitial Content

Grade: Primary Class
Skill: Grammar

                    Here is a great enjoyable learning PPT to get a good understanding of the grammar topic Pronouns for the primary classes. This learner-centered PPT material will help your students to an active participation in the classroom. You can download the PPSX from the below link and open in your mobile, tad and computer.
                    Once you open the presentation it appears like the below picture. Now if you click on the below words (not on the He, She, It and They) it goes to the correct flower and place on the petal. for example, if you click on the word "chair" it goes to "It flower" and place on the petal.

                              Along with that, you can read my old post- to do a language activity for an activity-based classroom transaction to this topic.

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