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"MY FAMILY"- Interactive Digital Material

Class: Preprimary and Primary Lesson: My Family Topic: Introducing Vocabulary, Learn the Greet, and Usage of Big, Small, Tall and Short. Skills: Reading, Speaking, and Creative Expression. Tool: PPSX- Touch and Learn.                          These are the second part of the PPSXs for the lesson MY FAMILY. You can teach vocabulary, greetings, and usage of big, small, short and tall.                      This PPSX has designed to learn the new vocabulary given in the textbook. When you touch on the picture you get the word along with the audio. You can open this on your mobile and ask your students to guess their names. If they can't then ask them to touch and listen to the audio. Download the PPSX                       In this PPSX, I have introduced how to greet in a day. These pictures based teaching will help the students to learn the language informally and individually. So teach them in a situational way and practice with your students using this PPT.

Interactive Touch and Learn Digital Content for the Lesson MY Family.

                              Now we are in the 21st century. Technology has been growing rapidly and bringing tremendous changes in every sector. Especially in education system technology is most important and technology inbuilt teaching is giving great results in the learning system.                              So I have been incorporating digital content in my teaching for years and getting good results. Now I have been preparing interactive (Touch and Learn) PPSXs access on mobile for the lessons based on the course book. Students can learn their own using this digital content at home and school in their mobiles. Now I have been sharing these PPSXs on my website for your students.                              Now you can download to your computer, tab, and mobile.  You need to install WPS Office or Powerpoint applications in your tab and mobile. These PPSXs designed like, when you touch on image or picture you will get word or description along with the audio.  (Note: Au

Learner centered activities to teach MY FAMILY for primary classes.

Class: 1st Grade Subject: English Unit: My Family Academic Standards: Listening, Speaking and Writing.                        Here is a set of activities, worksheets, and TLM to teach the MY FAMILY unit. I had carried out in my class and explained briefly to plan your teaching more engagingly.    TLM & Speaking Activity:                        This is one of the best TLMs to introduce family members and also helps to do a speaking activity to say about their family. You can prepare this with cardboard sheet. You can introduce vocabulary, simple and complex sentences depends upon your children standards.                    I started teaching by showing this model and asked interactive questions by explaining, What is this? (You have to show the house first) Where do you live? Which type of house do you have? How many are there in your house? Who are they? What is your father? What is your mother? What is your father/mother name? What do you do

MY PET WORLD - Speaking and Writing Activies

Lesson: MY PET WORLD Rhyme Class: 2nd Academic Standards: Speaking, Writing and Creative Expression                            This is a good rhyme for the primary class children to introduce animals, birds and their actions. I transacted this rhyme totally active based and targeted speaking and writing standards. Children also learned and wrote about animals and birds very easily and achieved targetted standards.    Cuckoo Cuckoo where are you?  I'll come and learn how to sing. Monkey monkey where are you?  I'll come and learn how to swing. Parrot Parrot where are you?  I'll come and learn how to talk. Cat cat where are you?  I'll come and learn how to walk. Peacock peacock where are you?  I'll come and learn how to dance. Kangaroo  kangaroo where are you?  I'll come and learn how to hop. Eagle eagle where are you?  I'll come and learn how to fly. Fish fish where are you?  I'll come and learn how to swim.