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The Best Christmas Present in the World- NCERT English Lesson Plan and Interactive Activities

Lesson: The Best Christmas Present in the World Subject: English Grade: Upper primary Skills: Writing, grammar, and creative thinking Objectives: Able to  understand the events and think about their destruction and endeavour. talk about the 'Wars are the only answer to problems.' use past perfect in writing the past events. know about the noun phrase.  Preparatory:         Before going to start the session, ask students to note down whether the event was defeat and destruction or endeavour and success.  Display the below dialog cards and make students guess the event. Drag their attention to the date and make sense of the historic event. Make some discussion after revealing the answer and fill out the checklist.  Let the students express their views.          After completing the task, make students talk about the events which led to defeat and destruction. Presentation: Task 1: Start the session from the discussion of the previous session. Display the below picture and let t