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A Creative way of Teaching Poems and Rhymes to the students -("KIND WORDS POEM")- Lesson plan, activities and creative presentation.

Topic: Poem Poem: Kind Words Subject: English Grade: Primary and upper primary Objectives: Able to know the meaning of the words "kind, helpful, nice, and generous" understand the meaning of the phrases "Kind hearts, kind words, kind deeds, and kind thoughts." sing the poem. know the importance of the trees.             Here is a simple lesson plan and activities of the poem Kind words written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. And also I am attaching the video of my student's creative presentation . Presentation:   Task 1: Show the below flashcards to the students. Ask some questions pertaining to the pictures. Ex: What do you observe? What are they doing? Have you seen such people? Have you ever helped anyone? ...etc. By asking these questions try to focus to get the words 'kind, helpful, nice, and generous.' Facilitate them to understand the words by explaining their meanings. Focus on the main word "KIND" Task 2: Tell the students to we are goi