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How Puppetry Can Foster Creativity and Imagination in the Classroom.

        Stick puppets are a popular tool for storytelling and can play an essential role in developing language skills in children. Storytelling is an essential part of a child's development, as it helps them build language skills, cognitive abilities, and social skills. Using stick puppets during storytelling can further enhance these skills and make the experience more enjoyable for children. Here are the ways and benefits of using puppets in language teaching. 1. Improve Language Skills: The use of stick puppets in storytelling can improve language skills in many ways. For one, children can develop their vocabulary as they learn new words and phrases related to the story. As they listen to the story and interact with the stick puppets, they learn the context of the words and their meanings. This can lead to better comprehension and retention of the language. Watch the videos: I. The Recipe Book - Part 1                                           II. The Recipe Book - Part 2      

Teaching Model Verbs (Asking and Responding to Suggestions) - Lesson Plan and Activities

Topic: Make Suggestions and Respond to the Suggestions Grade: Upper primary and secondary Skills: Grammar and Speaking Objectives: Define the meaning of "shall we have ...." and "would you like..." in context. Able to participate in daily conversations (a) make suggestions (b) respond to suggestions Identify the situations in which "shall we have ...." and "would you like..." are appropriate. Talk about what each person can and cannot eat and the reasons. Carry out a conversation using appropriate sentence structures with cue cards as guidance. Develop a conversational style that utilizes "shall we have ...." and "would you like..." effectively to initiate suggestions and make requests. Presentation: Get students to talk about the different races in India. Discuss in terms of food, festivals, and beliefs. Read the below paragraph and let them talk.           "India is a country with a rich cultural and religious diversity