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2 Writing tasks to help learners write better in an understandable way.

Topic: Techniques for writing tasks, Skill Focused: Writing, Grade: Primary and Lower Secondary.                          Supporting students to tune into the creativity needed for writing through a range of experiences is key to developing imagination and ideas for writing in all forms. Actually, writing is intricately linked to critical thinking. It also has implications for performance across all areas of the language. Writing is how a child shows what he or she knows and what has been learned. When we ask students to write, often we are just testing their skills rather than teaching them how to write or how to improve their writing.                     Sometimes, stating clear rules and expectations is just not enough. It may not work for all your students. That’s why you should also take a “lighter” path. What does that mean? It means that you can use non-intrusive motivation techniques that will inspire your students instead of scaring them. As a teacher, your role is to help eac

"Our Needs - Water" - Lesson plan and activities

Lesson: Our needs- Water Grade: Primary and Upper primary Subject: Environmental Science                   All living things need water to live. Water is also used for different daily activities, which happen at home, schools, offices, shops, factories, and many places around us. This is a cool lesson plan having great activities. In this lesson plan, we are going to discuss the sources of water, the water cycle, the importance of saving water, and keeping the water resources clean and safe.   Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:   learn what are the different sources of water. know the uses of the water. learn what is the water cycle. know about evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. ask questions during the discussion. understand the importance of saving water. come up with ways to reuse water. understand the importance of keeping the lakes and ponds clean. Material: flashcards, worksheets, smartphone, and TLM Task 1: Warmup activity: Show the belo