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4 practical ways and activities to improve writing skills.

Improving writing skills to primary children is the biggest challenge for teachers. Especially the students who are learning English as a second language are getting much trouble to improve writing skills. Here I am discussing some practical tips and activities which I have been using in my classroom to my young learners. 

                       We know very well, writing is the utmost skill. It means it's a hard skill for primary children. And in the LSRW, listening leads to speaking and reading leads to writing. So a student wants to speak he should listen well as well as he wants to write he should read well. So we should concentrate on reading to get good writing skills. But most of the teachers are not following the psychological order of language skills. So you want to develop writing skills first concentrate on speaking and reading skills. So you need to give such speaking and reading activities in order to get good writing skills.                   …

An Innovative Grammar Activity- Pronoun Garden

Topic: Basic Pronouns
Class: 4th Grade
Skill: Grammar 

                                Teaching grammar to the primary children is a major challenge and we should not teach the grammar isolate. So I have been using different worksheets to understand the grammar topics better. After explaining the pronouns topic I got an idea to do a craft activity for better understanding.
                               So I told my children we are going to design a pronoun garden in the next period. That day I supplied charts, paper petals and colour pens to them. I guided my children about how to prepare flowers in the garden. And then I instructed my children to write the pronouns "He, She, It, and They", in the middle of the flower and write nouns related to HE on petals. Like this, they completed their writing task. They were very happy.  


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