"Our Needs - Water" - Lesson plan and activities

Lesson: Our needs- Water
Grade: Primary and Upper primary
Subject: Environmental Science

                  All living things need water to live. Water is also used for different daily activities, which happen at home, schools, offices, shops, factories, and many places around us. This is a cool lesson plan having great activities. In this lesson plan, we are going to discuss the sources of water, the water cycle, the importance of saving water, and keeping the water resources clean and safe.
Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:  
  • learn what are the different sources of water.
  • know the uses of the water.
  • learn what is the water cycle.
  • know about evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.
  • ask questions during the discussion.
  • understand the importance of saving water.
  • come up with ways to reuse water.
  • understand the importance of keeping the lakes and ponds clean.
Material: flashcards, worksheets, smartphone, and TLM

Task 1: Warmup activity:
  • Show the below picture of different incidents. 
  • Ask some questions pertaining to the pictures.
  • encourage students to share their views.              


Task 2: Lable the pictures
                           Plants, animals, and humans require water to live. We use water for various purposes.

  • Show/share the below task sheet with the students.
  • Ask them to observe the pictures and label them.
  • Students observe and write actions.

Task 3: Read and understand
               When it is raining, rain falls in the tiver which then flows into lakes. Rain is our main source of water. Here you can see what are the different sources of water.
  • Display the flashcard.
  • Students observe the flashcards.
  • Explain the different sources of water.
  • Students understand and share their views.

Task 4: Think and write
                   Water can be sourced from both natural as well as artificial or man-made sources.
  • Distribute the below task sheet.
  • Students observe pictures and read the instructions.
  • Students complete the task. 

 Task 5: Listen and understand
                          Water evaporates from the surface of the earth and forms clouds. The clouds get cooled and fall again to the surface in the form of rain. This continuous cycle is called the water cycle.
  • Prepare the below model or display the picture of the water cycle.
  • Explain the stages of the water cycle.
  • Students listen to the teacher and understand the water cycle.
  • Students read the below information.

Task 6: Think and write
                  Students understand the water cycle and its stages.
  • Distribute the below worksheet to the students.
  • Students observe and colour the stage of the water cycle.
  • Students read the definitions of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.
  • Students write the definitions and complete the task
  • Ask them to present and explain the worksheet.
  • You can also use these activities in your class. ( 3 Activities or Ideas to Teach the Lesson "WATER")

Task 7: Read and understand
               Water is essential to all living things. So we must save and take care of the water sources. We should not waste the water and make dirty the water sources.
  • Show the below picture and ask the question.
  • Make some discussuion.
  • Students respond and share their views.

  • Explain to the students that we must keep our lakes, ponds, rivers, and seas, clean and safe. (1. Never throw rubbish in the water. 2. Don't pour dirty water back into the rivers, seas, and lakes. 3. Don't wash clothes, animals, and vehicles in the rivers and ponds.)
  • Students are aware of and understand the importance of keeping the water sources clean.
Task: Think and answer
  • Students were aware that we should not make the rivers dirty.
  • Distribute the below task sheet to the students
  • Students think and complete the task in pairs.
  • In pairs, students check their answers and understand the concept.

Task 8: Think and understand
  • Distribute the below task sheet to the students.
  • Explain to the students to read the instructions and statements.
  • Students read, understand, and complete the task individually.
  • Make some discussion.
  • Elicit some good practices to save water.
  • Explain to the students we must save the water. (1. Should reuse and use only as much water as you need. 2. Close taps properly after washing your hands. 3. Identify leaking taps and report them to an adult.)
  • Ask students to come up with ways to reuse water in the situations given in the activity.
Task: Production
  • Distribute the below worksheet to the students.
  • In groups of four, students identify the supporting details of the main idea of the task.
  • Students discuss what they would draw and write in groups.
  • Guide the groups to complete the task.

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