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Running Race - A language game for practicing reading and writing skills.

                              Running Race is a known language game to practice reading, and writing in a joyful way. It is also a cool game to do comprehension in a fun way.  You can easily adapt the game in any context, subject, and class. .  How to play: Prepare the words or sentences that you are going to practice or write with them. Make sure students should read the words or sentences well before playing the game. Write the words or sentences on paper slips and paste or place them at the end of the room or outside the room. (Minimum distance should be required for a proper run and play.)  Make your students into pairs. Tell them in the pair one is a runner and the second one is a writer. Tell them the writer should sit in the room or at the other side of the room facing opposite to the word/sentence slips with a paper and pen. (Proper distance should be maintained) Tell them runner runs to the slips, reads them, and comes back to the writer then dictates the sentence or word.  T