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Creative and fun writing task for "Conjunctions"

Topic: Conjunction -"AND" Grade: Primary, Skills focused: Grammar and creative thinking.                            Creativity and fun in your teaching give better results than everything you have facilitated to your children. I have planned this activity to comprehend my children's learning and understand the concept well. You can extend this activity to other conjunctions words also. Hope you enjoy this fun writing task. You can download the worksheet from the below link. "Video" Download the worksheet

Speaking and writing task to teach MY FAMILY for young learners.

Topic: MY FAMILY Grade: Pre-primary and primary Skills focused: Speaking and writing.               Teaching to young learners is a quite hard task for teachers. And moreover teaching English as a second or third language is very difficult for teachers. They have a lot of energy. Rather than trying to squash this energy, find positive ways to use it in the classroom. You want to create a safe, stress-free environment that everyone can enjoy learning in. And also it is important to make your lessons relaxed, fun and creative so that students get moving around and speaking with one another.  So I have been trying to plan my lessons fun, interesting and creative. Here I have prepared an innovative model to teach and plan a speaking activity for my children. By using this model I have made them speak a few sentences about their family in order to only learn family members names (father, mother...etc.) I also use the same model for multi-grade children (level specific teac

My Lovely Family Rhyme - Innovative transaction

Topic: My Lovely Family Rhyme. Grade: Preprimary and 1st grade. Skills: Listening and Creative Expression.                  Children love rhymes and also the repetition of words, ideas, and skills are important for early brain development, as it creates secure foundations for early learning. Using rhyme, rhythm and repetition in song, while reading or even to make up your own rhymes, is great fun for children.                   Children will dramatize rhymes to develop language, literacy, creative thinking, and social skills. Most children enjoy hearing and participating in rhyming activities, and when they are exposed to rhyming, they usually pick it up naturally.                    So I always play my lesson/rhyme in a meaningful and enjoyable way. Here is my tiny attempt of a rhyme "My lovely family" which was given in the 1st-grade textbook.  The rhyme is... He is, he is, he is, He is my caring father, She is, she is, she is, She is my loving mothe