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Anger management- Lesson plan and activities

           Anger energizes us to deal with the things that bug us in a healthy way or in a destructive way that can hurt others. We can manage angry feelings by stopping and thinking about how to care about ourselves and others. It's an interesting lesson plan and activities to teach about 'anger management.' Objectives: Students will be able to listen to a story and answer questions about it. talk about a past situation that has made them feel angry, and what they did in reaction to their anger. talk about the consequences of those actions, and what they should do differently next time they’re angry Presentation:    Before starting the lesson paste the below story slips on the board and ask your students to rearrange the storylines in the correct order. And then show students the Angry Birds video and read the Angry Birds story out loud while the video is played. After playing the video, the teacher asks students questions pertaining to the story. How many birds were there