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ROBO D.C - A Creative Activity and Transaction to Teach Degrees of Comparison.

Topic: Degrees of Comparison, Grade: Secondary, Skills Focused: Grammar and Creative Expression.                                We would agree grammar is one of the most challenging. The reason is that it is not easy to motivate students, especially young students to learn grammar. Simply sitting kids down and explaining rules is not an option because they possess certain characteristics that make their learning different from that of adults. That's why we need clear contexts that help them connect and associate with the language. One way to achieve this is through theme-based instruction. So I always plan interesting activities to motivate my learners.                                I started the topic (Degrees of Comparison) by drawing some pictures on the board and asked them to observe and understand the concept of each group. I asked, "Are there any differences?" After their responses, I explained most of the adjectives have three different forms to show th

"Mother's Day Writing Task."

Lesson: My Mother (Written by Ravindranath Tagore.) Grade: Secondary, Skills focused: Writing and Creative Expression.                             This is a fun and crafty writing task to write about the mother. We did the activity after completion of the poem "My Mother" that was written by Ravindranath Tagore. Students of 8th grade prepared the card and presented to their mothers. "Watch the video." Hope you like this. Thank you.

Creative writing activity for plurals

Topic: Plurals, Grade: Primary, Skills focused: Vocabulary                                Vocabulary is the heart of language. Teaching vocabulary in a conceptual way is one of the big challenges in the primary stage. Moreover learning vocabulary in an isolated way won't help to develop good speaking and writing skills. Vocabulary should learn or teach in a structural, meaningful, and contextual way.                                Here is a simple and creative writing activity for teaching fundamental rules of plurals. Some creative and engaging worksheets, strategies, and methods drag our children's attention to understand the topic from basics and also help them to use the words in multiple contexts. Download the Worksheet                                            Hope you enjoy the activity and thanks for reading.

My Likes - Creative Speaking Task for Grade I

Topic: MY LIKES Grade: Preprimary and Grade I Skills focused: Speaking and creative expression.                                   Someone said, "Learning a foreign language is like a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time, progress is slow and incremental, and there can be many setbacks along the way." So language learners first need to have a growth mindset. This is when they believe that their abilities in learning a language are not fixed but can be developed. Not all learners will reach the same level of proficiency, but with the right kind of effort, strategies, and investment of time and will, every learner can improve.                             So some innovative strategies and activities will develop learners internal skills and make them active participants in the learning process. So as teachers we need to concentrate more speaking and creative activities to make young learners speak and listen more.                             Here is a creative fun sp