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Conjunctions (so and because') - A Lesson plan and activities to teach conjunctions 'so and because' inductively.

Topic: Conjunctions Lesson: 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) Objectives: Students should be able to:      Match sentence parts using the conjunctions 'so' and 'because'. Construct sentences using those conjunctions.  Understand the usage of 'so and because'                 This is an interesting theme-based story to teach 'conjunctions.' Conjunctions is one of the complex topics to the students. Especially understanding and use of 'so and because' while combining two sentences, many students have some difficulty. So here is the story of 'Mr. Rat and Mr. Owl' having a theme of 'Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.' The cause and effect storylines help them to understand the difference between 'so and because' and construct sentences easily. Presentation: Step 1:                  Share the story with your students. Tell them to read the story and understand the theme, actions, and characters. Ask some interactive questions to make them u

Simple Future Tense Lesson Plan and activities - Angry Birds Birthday Party.

                  An interesting lesson plan and activities to teach simple future tense easily and effectively. The lesson has prepared around the story of "Angry Birds." It has speaking, writing, and creative thinking activities. It is very useful to teach online with interactive activities and downloadable printouts.  Topic: Simple Future Tense Objectives:  Able to understand the simple future tense and use verbs correctly and appropriately Able to form simple sentences with ‘will’ and ‘will not. Able to create a ‘Friendship Pledge’ using the simple future tense.  Story:      Once upon a time, there were three happy birds. Papa Bird was yellow, Mama Bird was red, and Baby Bird was blue. They were very happy because Mama Bird had just laid three beautiful, shiny eggs. The eggs were resting safely in the nest. Nearby, three Biggy Noses were watching the eggs. They were very hungry and wanted to eat the eggs. But Papa Bird, Mama Bird, and Baby Bird always guarded the eggs so

Simple, fun, and creative writing activities for 'nouns, plurals, pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs'

                  Young children are wonderful at absorbing a new language. They can get a maximum of language through games and activities that they find funny. Their success in learning a foreign language does not depend on their knowledge of grammar. As Pinter (2006) stated that children can use grammatical structures very well, they can speak language clearly, but they are not able to say why they use a particular structure. If teachers teach grammar, it is very important to do it in context. 1. NOUN SORT (COMMON and PROPER NOUN):                             I have planned this simple activity after an explanation of the topic. I have prepared this worksheet to create interest and also for better understanding. The worksheet has four sections of 'person, place, thing, and animal. In every section, there have two blocks for 'common and proper noun.' So this gives a clear concept and supports them in writing and understanding. 2. SINGULAR - PLURAL:                Vocabula