Pre-Primary Self Learning Digital Material -"School and Numbers"

Topic: School and Numbers.
Grade: Pre Primary and Primary
Skill: Speaking and reading.

                     This is a presentation slide based on the picture given in the first-grade English textbook of Andra Pradesh. I prepared this to enable the learner-centered classroom environment and create some interest to learn the language by using this digital material. And children can easily attract to the touch and learn learning material than regular teaching.
                     In the below slide I enabled like if you touch on the picture you can the description along with audio. So children can easily learn their own and speak about the characters and place in English. You can download the slide from the below link.

                     I designed the below "Numbers Slide" to learn the number and guess the spelling. You can ask your child to say the number and guess the spelling. If not, then ask your child to click on the number to read and listen to the number.

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