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Teaching the Solar System (Where Are We?) - Lesson Plan and Craft Activity

Title: "Where Are We? Exploring the Solar System" Grade Level: 5th-6th grade Subject: Science                The lesson plan "Exploring the Solar System" is designed to introduce students to the wonders of our celestial neighborhood, the Solar System. Through a combination of engaging activities, interactive discussions, and visual aids, students will embark on a journey through space, learning about the planets, moons, and other fascinating objects in the solar system.  Objectives: Students will be able to identify and describe the components of the solar system. Students will understand the relative positions and distances of the planets in the solar system. Students will explore the concept of scale by creating a scaled-down model of the solar system. Students will develop research and presentation skills by creating an informative poster on a specific planet. Materials: Computer with Internet access Poster boards or black large sheets of paper Planets worksheet