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Global Warming and Green House Effect- Lesson Plan and Activities.

Topic: Global Warming Subject: Social science Grade: Primary Skills: Speaking, writing, and creative thinking Objectives: Students are able to   understand the concept of global warming and the greenhouse effect. describe the reasons for the greenhouse effect and its effects. give examples of potential problems and negative consequences of global warming and the greenhouse effect. project the concept through a poster. suggest actions to reduce the greenhouse effect in order to save our planet . Preparatory: Task 1: Display the below picture to the class. Let the students respond. Suggested questions: What is happening in the images? Have you ever seen are experienced such situations? What are the reasons for happening such situations? What do we call these actions?    You can add your own questions according to your students.               Explain that these are all happening due to climate change.  “Climate change” refers to the increasing changes in the measures of climate over a lon