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Reading Theater Story Teaching Method - Elephant and Friends

Lesson: Elephant and Friends Class: 3rd Skill: Creative Expression      The first time I have tried reading theatre technic with my 3rd class children in this lesson. Roleplays give a holistic approach to understand the content and it stimulates the learning characteristics of all type of learners. So wherever a chance to improve the language skills of my rural background children I use to incorporate different methods. "Reading Theater" is one of the story teaching technics to engage the whole class and gives visual feeling to the children. You can find the entire unit transaction and innovative learning story wheel for this lesson and writing activity from below link. Please watch. Download the Video

Innovative Story Wheel -"The Elephant and Friends"

Lesson: The Elephant and Friends Class  :  3rd Subject: English Language Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.                           Teaching a story is an art. If you use story telling as a strategy to teach a story it will able the learners to feel the experience and acquire the language informally. And relevant teaching aids will boost up the transaction process and visualize the events and characters.                           Theme oriented story materials are great teaching tools for teaching a story and develop the integrated language skills. We can easily narrate the story and get your students to practice the dynamic text easily. Learning materials are important because they can significantly increase student achievement by supporting student learning. This process aids in the learning process by allowing the students to explore the knowledge independently as well as providing repetition. Learning materials, regardless of what kind, all have som