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Vocabulary and Speaking Tool - "A Sliced Apple"

Class: Primary and Pre-primary. Academic Standards: Listening, Speaking and Vocabulary.                   Teaching Learning Material plays a key role in learning. Simple material gives a good learning environment and scope in the classroom sometimes. And the utilization of learning material correctly is also very important in teaching.                    Here I used a sliced apple picture to develop vocabulary related a fruit and also connected with other words related to describing a fruit. When you are teaching vocabulary to your children prepare such type of learning material to give scope to learn whole about that word. I think only introducing the words is not real learning, If you link the word with related words it will help the child to speak and describe the word in his real life.  Here I prepared this apple picture when I was teaching apple to my children. Along with the word I taught them,    " It is red,  It is round,  It is big...etc,       Now they