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Introducing the Ultimate Telugu Language Workbook: Your Pathway to Fluency! Are you struggling to learn Telugu? Do you want to teach your children their mother tongue but find it challenging due to living outside Andhra Pradesh or Telangana? Look no further! Our comprehensive Telugu Language Workbook is here to make your learning journey smooth and enjoyable. This meticulously crafted workbook includes 180 worksheets packed with diverse activities designed to help you learn Telugu easily and quickly. Whether you can't read or write Telugu or are simply struggling to grasp the language, this book is the perfect resource for you. Key Features: Beginner-Friendly :Ideal for those who can't read or write Telugu. Bilingual Support : Each page and word come with English subtitles, making it easier to understand and learn through English. Diverse Activities: Engage with a variety of exercises that ensure a thorough understanding of the language. For All Ages: Perfect for children an