TEACHING "WH" QUESTIONS - Lesson plan and activities.

Topic: 'Wh'- Questions
Subject: English
Grade: Secondary
Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students should be...
                         able to construct interrogative sentences.
                         able to understand the use of "Wh-question' words. 
             Questioning is a major form of human thought and interpersonal communication. Questioning is fundamental to successful communication - we all ask and are asked questions when engaged in conversation. So here is a lesson plan for teaching questioning using"Wh question words."
               The ability to ask WH questions is important and proper understanding is needed for the students. Before introducing questions from the text, they need to have a good foundation, things like what a question is and looks like, what words indicate a question (who, what, where, when, why, how), and how these can be answered. So I think this is a good lesson plan to teach 'Wh' questions in a better understanding way.

Step 1: 

               The teacher tells students that they have received a letter from the Branch Manager. The teacher reads out the letter to them (or plays the recording).

Step 2:
          Tell students that in order to ask the bank team, they will first need to think of some information you might want from the bank. The teacher encourages students to think of the information for asking questions to them.

Step 3:
           Write the students' suggestions and responses on the board. Use the below examples for getting the information from the students.
  • The advantage of having an account.
  • How to open an account?
  • How to save money?
  • More about cash withdraw
  • Digital transactions
  • What is 'interest'?
Step 4:
            Now introduce the 'Wh'-question words using the flashcards, explains what each is used for, and provide examples. Use the below flashcards to explain the meaning and functioning.

  After explaining the functioning of the "Wh" words, now ask your students to try to think some questions based on the previously given examples in the discussion. Encourage students to frame as many as.


Step 1:
           Students are divided into groups of 4-5 (this is their ‘home group’). Each pupil in this group is assigned a number. The pupils break up again into different groups (‘expert group’) according to their numbers (all the 1’s together, etc.) 
           Each group is assigned one question word and given a paper. They brainstorm questions they might ask the bank using that particular question word, with the teacher’s guidance. 


Step 1:
          Students get back into their original home groups. Explain their task. In their home groups, they are to work together to prepare a letter with questions to ask the bank. In the letter, they need to include questions using all 6 different question words. Example:

Students present their letters to the class and the groups give feedback to each other. Hope you enjoy the lesson plan.

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Mariam Lujan said…
Awesome! Thank you so much!

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