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'5 Creative, Fun, Crafty and Exciting Science Activities and Ideas That Will Make Learning Fun!"

        Hands-on activities are crucial in teaching science to primary-level students because they offer a more engaging, memorable, and effective way for students to learn scientific concepts. Fostering curiosity: Hands-on activities can spark a child's curiosity and inspire them to explore further. When children engage with the material, they are more likely to ask questions, experiment, and seek answers. This can lead to a lifelong interest in science and a desire to learn more about the natural world.           Here are five creative science ideas, and activities to create fun, engagement, and active involvement in students. Silk Worm to Silk: Material: Black, white, and green colour A4 papers, cotton, thread, silk cloth, glue, and colour pencils Watch the video How to do: Take black colour A4 paper. Take a piece of green paper and cut 2 leaves as shown in the picture. Take a white paper and prepare a caterpillar shown in the picture. And also prepare a few small paper balls to

"Sound-Alikes Made Simple: Engaging Activities for Teaching Homophones"

        Homophones are words that have the same pronunciation but different meanings and spellings. Here are some fun activities to teach homophones to primary students.    1. Homophone Dictionary Hunt: List out 20 sets of Homophones and write them down on the board. Distribute an activity sheet (Colour Paper)  Tell your students to choose any of the 5 set homophones and write them on the activity sheet in blocks. Tell them to open their dictionaries and find the meanings of the pairs. Tell them to write their meanings under the words as shown in the below activity sheet. And also tell them to write a sentence using the word given in the dictionary. Facilitate them to write properly in the given activity sheet and complete the activity. Click here to watch the video.   2.  Homophone Bingo:               Create bingo cards with homophones on them. Call out the definition of a homophone and have the students find the corresponding word on their bingo card. The first student to get a full

VISME - One stop platform for teachers to fill creativity in teaching and learning process

                     Creativity is an essential part of the teaching and learning process. It encourages students to think outside the box, explore new ideas, and develop their own unique solutions to problems. It also helps teachers to engage students in meaningful learning experiences that are both enjoyable and educational. Teaching learning material is an important part of any teaching process. It is the material that teachers use to help students learn and understand the concepts they are being taught. Teaching learning material can include textbooks, worksheets, videos, audio recordings, and other resources.                         To fill creative in your teaching-learning process " VISME " is a great online platform for teachers and students also.                       Visme is a versatile online design tool that allows users to create and share visual content such as presentations, infographics, reports, and social media graphics. In the field of education, Visme can