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"Integration of Puppets in Story Telling and Sequencing"

                  Storytelling comes alive with puppets. Puppets are a good way to deliver information to students and help them understand and retain it. It helps students to retell information they've learned and remember it. Teachers can use puppets to demonstrate proper pronunciation, take them into an imaginary world, and also help students develop language skills. Puppets allow students to escape into an imaginary world. The purpose of the puppet is to create interaction, fun dialogue, and even an element of surprise into your play and learn activities.  Puppets lend themselves to being the characters in your stories and allow your child to join in with the action. So I use to prepare the characters and backdrop of the lesson to take them into the imaginary place. And also help them to walk into the story. I use puppets in different ways to teach lessons. Here I have prepared the puppets and pasted them on the green board to teach a lesson.                         The lesson