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"Personal cleanliness and hygiene - Lesson plan and activities."

Lesson: Personal Cleanliness - Hygiene Grade: Primary Skills: Speaking, reading, and creative expression.                         Personal hygiene is very important in our lives. It's also a symbol of one's dignity and confidence. Why cleanliness and hygiene are important in our lives to get a healthy life is the main objective of the lesson. Difference between cleanliness and hygiene: The term cleanliness should not be used in place of hygiene. Cleaning in many cases is removing dirt, waste, or unwanted things from the surface of objects using detergents and necessary equipment. Hygiene practice focuses on the prevention of diseases through the use of cleaning as one of several inputs. Activity: Picture Interaction            Ask the below questions by displaying the picture. What are the people doing in the picture? What might be the time then? What do you do after waking up from sleep? What happens if you don't brush your teeth? We should use soap for

Shortlisted for the British Council's Featured Blog Award

          I am very happy since one of my posts was shortlisted for the British Council's Featured blog award. And some of the posts were also published on the Teaching English British Council Facebook page and also a great response from the world. Thanks! Other posts that were published by the British Council.