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Lesson Plan and Transaction Process of the Video Lesson "Rainy Day"

            This lesson plan is designed around a short film about a Rainy Day by me and the theme of nature. Students watch a short film about a situation that happened on a rainy to a boy.             The main objective of the video is to develop the reading skills and understand the reading part of the lesson given in the Andhra Pradesh Govt Primary Class-II English Textbook and the themes of nature, obeying the parents, creative thinking and learning a language. Especially to develop speaking opportunities and create an English environment in the class in terms to support the teachers to reduce the usage of the first language in the transaction of a lesson.             Here I am describing the transaction of the lesson using this video and supplementary activities should follow to achieve the standards of the lesson. Language Level: Primary and below Learner Type: Beginners Activity: Watching a Short Film, Speaking, Reading, and Creative thinking. Lesson: Rai

"The Role of Puppetry in Teaching- Explanation with my Practical Activities"

Lesson: The Cunning Fox Class: 3rd grade Skills: Reading, Speaking, and Creative Expression Subject: English.                            Puppetry in Teaching. Puppetry as a teaching tool provides teachers with one of the most inexpensive aids in the classroom. The benefits from puppets are many. They allow children to escape into an imaginary world. They are able to use puppets to work out their own emotional problems. In kindergarten and primary classrooms: Puppets are a good way to deliver information to students and help them retain it. Student use of puppets helps them to retell information they've learned and remember it. Teachers can use puppets to demonstrate proper pronunciation to help students develop language skills.                                                 This is one of my best teaching methods to teach a story. I proudly say that a good method always gives an excellent output irrespective of the standards. So I have been working on different teaching m

Creative Method to teach a Reading Part ( " Nine or Ten")

Lesson: Nine or Ten Class: 3rd Language Skills: Reading, Speaking, and Creative Expression.                   There are different teaching methods to teach reading part. Here I used the roleplay method to teach the reading of this lesson "Nine or Ten." Teaching in the same way and the same method may not give good results and not suitable for every content. So the teacher must attentive to method regarding the content. Create the English classroom environment is more important to acquire the language and involving the children in teaching is also important.                    This was a known story of a foolish young man and donkeys, given as a reading card in a unit. I asked my children to roleplay the lesson while I am reading the story rather translate the story into their mother tongue. Children enacted well. They understood the lesson very well without translating the story into the mother tongue. I used only my children as a resource to act. This teaching me