An Active Writing Task To Teach Fruits and Vegetables.

Topic: Food Items
Grade: 4th
Skills: Speaking, Writing and Creative Expression.

                                     Activities always give great learning experiences for the children. Here is a simple activity assigned to my children in order to develop speaking and writing skills.
                         In the part of a unit, I taught about fruits and vegetables. Later I planned an activity to write and express about their like and dislike fruits and vegetables.
                         I gave them different fruits and vegetable puzzle pics. I paired them and asked to complete the pics and distinguish the fruits and vegetables. Then I Asked them to write their names in the given worksheet in the correct box.
                        Later I instructed them to paste any two fruits and vegetables in the table of like and don't like and write in sentences in the below lines. I facilitated them to make the activity successfully in order to learn the content.
                       Finally, I called them to present in front of the class. I recorded the student's presentation and showed in the next class to revise the content. Youn can see my student's presentation in the below video and download the worksheet to plan this activity in your class. 

(Student Presentation Video)

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