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A Trip to Horsley Hills

This lesson plan is designed around a short film about Horsley Hills in Andhra Pradesh by me and the theme of sightseeing. Students plan a sightseeing weekend to a hill station and watch a short film.            The main objective of the video is to develop the reading skills and understand the reading part of the lesson given in the Andhra Pradesh Govt Primary Class-IV English Textbook and the themes of the heritage of Andhra Pradesh, and learning the language.            Here I am describing the transaction process of the lesson using this video and supplementary activities should follow to achieve the standards of the lesson. Language Level : Primary and Upper Primary Learner Type:  Beginners Activity : Watching a Short Film, Speaking, Reading and Creative thinking. Lesson:  A Trip to Horsley Hills. Class:  IV Language:  Vocabulary in the lesson (gather, hired, weather, impressed, residence, curves, breeze,