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Lesson Plan of Simple Past Tense - Interactive Lesson Plan and activities for Simple Past

Topic: Simple Past Tense Lesson: A Trip to Horsley Hills. Grade: Primary and Upper primary Objectives:  Able to  speak on related topics with guidance. talk about interesting places they have visited. know and use past tense to describe past events. describe the places that they visited. talk and describe the famous places near to their places.  Teaching aids: Video, PowerPoint slides, and task sheet Preparatory: Ask students about their past holiday trips. Tell them a few questions like 1. what did they like most during the trip. 2. What did they buy?..etc. Then show a picture of the seaside. Then tell them to write what would they like to do at the place? (Ex: swimming, building castles...etc) Prepare a mind map. Presentation: Lead students to talk about Horsley Hills. Examples: Have you been to Horsley Hills? What are the places of interest in Horsley Hills? Show a video clip entitled “Horsley Hills Madanapalli Chittoor”  Prompt students to talk about what they see in the video clip

All about Sense Organs Lesson Plan - Interactive slides, game and worksheet.

Topic: My Sense Organs Subject: Science Garde: Primary Learning Skills: Reading, speaking, and creative thinking. Objectives: Students should be able to identify the sense organs. understand the functions of sense organs talk and write about the importance of sense organs Preparatory: Prepare a set of five flashcards related to the functioning of sense organs. Use the below statements to prepare the flashcards. Examples: 1. Ice is cold. 2. The elephant is big. 3. Flowers smell good. 4. Candy is sweet. 5. Mobile is ringing. Show the below puzzle cards to the students. Tell them to observe the picture and guess the organ to notice the action. Read the statements to help them to find the organ.  At the end of the activity ask them 'what do we call these organs?'  Presentation:     Explain to them "eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin are called sense organs."  The human body has five main sense organs- eyes, which provide the sense of sight; nose, which provides the sense