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Self Learning Digital Tool - "Basic Prepositions"

Topic: Prepositions Class: Primary (3rd grade) Skill: Grammar                This is my tiny attempt to teach prepositions to my children. I prepared this PPT to understand the usage of the words well. I think such material will help better than the videos. This will give a scope to the students learn independently and repeatedly. You can download and teach on your mobile or laptop.                   When you click on the word it shows the usage along with audio. If a student needs to listen the audio again he can click on the speaker button to listen again and again. You can download the PPT from the below link. Once you download the ppt click on "Read-only" to open it. Hope you like this. Thanks! Download the PPT

Task Based Learning Activity to Teach a Story!

Topic: Amar was late to school. Class: 5th grade (Primary) Skills: Speaking and reading. Material: Picture cards and Story Slips.                               Task-based learning is one of the best methods to develop reading and writing skills. Students learn the language informally and it leads to diverse thinking from known to unknown. In this activity, you can observe how my students interacted to understand a story on their own. My aim was that students should have read and understood the reading part on their own to develop the four language skills. Later I extended this activity to teach adverbs and I will post it soon.                                  I started this activity by pasting 4 picture story cards of the lesson in random order on the blackboard. When I drew the pictures I focused on the lesson topic and vocabulary that I wanted to elicit. I also drew them in such a way that the sentences would be easy to understand and to support the children to do t

A Simple Primary writing task on "Trees"

Topic: Green is Life Class: 4th grade Skills: Writing               Mind Maps are good triggers to develop writing skills. I gave this writing activity after the completion of the lesson "Green is Life." I highlighted the advantages of the tress during the lesson. After that, I asked my children to write about the uses of the trees in groups. Then I called them to present like "Trees give us food. Trees give us trains..etc."              In the next period, I gave this worksheet to write what they have learned. Download the worksheet

Teaching "Pronouns" - Digital Interaction and Writing Task.

Topic: Pronouns Garde: Primary Material: Digital Presentation (PPT) and Worksheet Skills: Reading and Writing.                               We are in the 21st century and students are smarter than the teachers. Students need more contextual knowledge and diverse explanations on the topic. So introducing the technology in an innovative way is required nowadays. Along with that, we should need testing tools to evaluate the students and diagnosis our teaching procedure. So I am using different worksheets to evaluate my students along with the Digital material.                                            I taught the grammar topic pronouns for my 4th-grade students using the digital material prepared by me. I explained pronouns replaces a noun and which nouns replace by which pronouns by using learner-centered touch and learn digital material. Students learned by touching the word and understand their own.                                           later I gave a writing

3 Practical Ideas to develop Speaking Skills.

                         Many teachers struggle to develop students’ speaking skills. Often students are not able to speak even a few words on the completed topic or story even though they have studied it. Children who have good reading skills also find it difficult to speak about the content. However, since speaking is an active skill, listening should lead to speaking as it is an output of the learning. So that is a key point to keep in mind – that good listening should lead to good speaking. Once students learn to concentrate well on the teacher's voice or other audio resources, they should begin to develop their speaking skills.                        In countries like India, where English is the second or third language, teachers face lots of problems in developing English language skills among their students. Teachers also face many practical problems in the classroom even though they are aware of different methods. Different learner-centred methods can help to overcome

Common vs Proper Nouns - Learner Centered Touch and Learn Grammar Material

Topic: Common Nouns and Proper Nouns Class: Primary Skills: Grammar and Reading                      Teaching grammar for primary children is somewhat difficult. We cannot teach grammar rules in the primary stage because their cognitive level cannot accept and understand such critical matters. So I always use an interactive student-centered material to teach grammar informally in the part of a lesson.                       You can find different innovative activities to teach grammar in my previous posts. Here I prepared an interactive self-learning student-centered digital material to understand the common and proper nouns for the students. Repeated and kinesthetic learning will be taken place in using this material. This will lead to getting the concept very easily and retain the concept in their brains forever.                       You can download and open in mobile, tab and PC to teach your children. Children can touch and see whether the word is a common and proper noun.