Role Play- Primary English lesson....What's My Name?

Children are very interest to listen stories,stories help children to dream their favourite characters. Stories help teachers to attract children towards classroom and learn language effectively. So story telling is a art. Every teacher has a different style to tell stories. I want to engage my children by wearing the characters in that story. Wherever there is a chance to do role play I planned my lesson in this way to learn the story and language items through the role play. 
Wherever there is a story, first I prepare a BIRDS VIEW of that story and prepare the dialogs of the characters. While teaching the lesson I am practicing these with my children and give stress on those sentences. After this I will give these dialogs to my students ask them to practice.
These role plays help our children learn the language contents in an informal way and even low proficiency children also able to learn the objectives of the language content. Here you can see the lesson and characters of that story.

( WHAT'S MY NAME, A Lesson from AP Govt 2nd class English Textbook)

(Character of the fly- Student with Fly Mask)

(What's my name Role Play by children.)

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