Primary school English Graphic Reading Activity by First Class Children

Activity: Word Bricks Activity 
This is a great activity to develop graphic reading in primary school children especially in non native English children. This word brick activity read in American English website and i adapted to my classroom for my first class children to learn family members relationships.                                      
           To this activity after three days of my oral teaching I wrote all these words like father, mother, sister, brother....etc on small paper slips and i wrote each set of these these words for every children in my class. suppose if i have seven children in my class i prepared seven father slips, seven mother this. And then I placed all these word brick slips at the corner in my classroom. And i drew a tree on the floor ( you can see in picture) for each children. Later i instructed to my child you should collect that word which I said from that bunch and place in the family tree at a proper place. Who complete  the family tree first will be the winner. I was very even low proficiency children also done very well. (Source: American English Website)

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