Primary Math Activity tool " How much do we need?"

Topic: Additions
Class: Primary
Skill: Creative Thinking.

                                       Maths is a horrible subject for students. But when they know the concept or basic, they will be a great Mathematicians. Here is a small idea and did with our children to do different types of additions. Some children know the additions but when we ask the same problem in a different way they can't do. My first class children had faced difficulty in solving "2+{   }=15" like sums even though they knew the additions.

                                  So get them to understand I made a wooden tray like that (shown in the picture) to do different types of addition and subtraction sums. And I prepared number-cards along with that. Once I explained the concept, I asked my children to sit in a circle and I kept the number-cards bunch in the middle. Now I instructed my children everyone should take two cards from the bunch and place the smaller number card in the tray and place the other card outside of the tray( see the picture). Now I asked them to write the sum in a pattern on their slates like 3+[  ]= 12.
                      I told to my children to fold their fingers to do that sum. Now I told to count the numbers by unfolding their fingers from the next number of the inner number up to the outside number. Then count the unfold fingers they got and that was the answer. (If the inner number is 3 then they unfold and count from 4 up to 12. So they get open 9 fingers and that is the answer.)
                         Like I told my children to do 10 or 15 sums by taking new cards. Finally, I called one by one and asked them to explain the problem like "we will add 9 to 3 to get 12". Once they practiced like that now they perfect with additions.
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