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4 practical ways and activities to improve writing skills.

Improving writing skills to primary children is the biggest challenge for teachers. Especially the students who are learning English as a second language are getting much trouble to improve writing skills. Here I am discussing some practical tips and activities which I have been using in my classroom to my young learners. 

                       We know very well, writing is the utmost skill. It means it's a hard skill for primary children. And in the LSRW, listening leads to speaking and reading leads to writing. So a student wants to speak he should listen well as well as he wants to write he should read well. So we should concentrate on reading to get good writing skills. But most of the teachers are not following the psychological order of language skills. So you want to develop writing skills first concentrate on speaking and reading skills. So you need to give such speaking and reading activities in order to get good writing skills.                   …

Pronoun Garden - Learner Centered Touch and Play Digitial Content

Grade: Primary Class
Skill: Grammar

                    Here is a great enjoyable learning PPT to get a good understanding of the grammar topic Pronouns for the primary classes. This learner-centered PPT material will help your students to an active participation in the classroom. You can download the PPSX from the below link and open in your mobile, tad and computer.
                    Once you open the presentation it appears like the below picture. Now if you click on the below words (not on the He, She, It and They) it goes to the correct flower and place on the petal. for example, if you click on the word "chair" it goes to "It flower" and place on the petal.

Download the PPT
                              Along with that, you can read my old post- to do a language activity for an activity-based classroom transaction to this topic.

Innovative grammar Activity-" Common Noun vs Proper Noun

Topic: Common Nouns vs Proper Nouns
Skills: Grammar, Speaking Reading, and Creative Expression.
Grade: 4th.

              Grammar is a very difficult part to teach and learn to the children also. We cannot teach the grammar isolate in the primary classes since they don't have such a cognitive capacity to understand the rules. Hence we plan to teach the grammar in a contextual way. We derive the content from known to unknown and establish the rules finally. So I always plan to do different innovative activities to teach the grammar for my primary students where a learner can give his or her 100 percent attention and engage in the learning process.
             I panned this activity to teach Common and Proper Nouns for my 4th-grade children. I designed this worksheet to do an activity with my students. Once I gave an explanation about the Common and Proper Nouns I announced to the class we will do an activity on this in the next period.              I started the class by playing …

An Active Writing Task To Teach Fruits and Vegetables.

Topic: Food Items Grade: 4th Skills: Speaking, Writing and Creative Expression.
                                     Activities always give great learning experiences for the children. Here is a simple activity assigned to my children in order to develop speaking and writing skills.                          In the part of a unit, I taught about fruits and vegetables. Later I planned an activity to write and express about their like and dislike fruits and vegetables.                          I gave them different fruits and vegetable puzzle pics. I paired them and asked to complete the pics and distinguish the fruits and vegetables. Then I Asked them to write their names in the given worksheet in the correct box.                         Later I instructed them to paste any two fruits and vegetables in the table of like and don't like and write in sentences in the below lines. I facilitated them to make the activity successfully in order to learn the content.                        Fi…

An interactive Touch and Play Quiz and Video to teach "Animal Sounds"

Topic: Animal Sounds Level: Primary Classes Skills: Creative Expression and Reading.
           Here is an interactive quiz along with a self-learning video to teach the Animal Sounds fro the primary classes. It is somewhat difficult for the children to learn and remember the content so I made a video and quiz to learn the topic quickly and effectively.             Once you showed the video to your students write the sound name along with the animal name for their better learning. After they familiar with the content open this quiz in WPS or Powerpoint application and play with your students. You can download the PPSX and video from the below link.

Download the PPSX

Download the Video

Healthy Food- Speaking and Writing Activity

Topic: Food for Kids (Rhyme) Class: 4th Grade Skills: Speaking and Writing
                  I started teaching the below by asking simple questions related to the food habits of my students. What they usually eat? and what they like most? 
Food is good and tastes delicious, Keeps you healthy; it's nutritious. Food will also help you grow, Make you strong, when you grow. Eating foods that are purple and green, Will make you into a healthy teen. Many great foods are really yummy, If you eat too much, you'll hurt your tummy. About healthy foods, you should read, Learn what kids really need. Food information you could share, with your family, and show you care
                later I displayed the flashcards of fruits and vegetables and asked my students to name them. I wrote the words on the board. After the introduction of all these, I asked my students to identify the rhyming words in the poem. I also gave the meanings of the new words in the rhyme.                 And then I…