Telugu is one of the ancient languages in India. Telugu is called the "Italian of the East." So if you want or teach to learn the Telugu Language, this is the best page to get the worksheets and videos of the Telugu language. Here I attached all the practice worksheets of the Telugu Alphabet (తెలుగు వర్ణమాల), and Gunithala (గుణింతాలు) to download. The free downloadable Telugu PDF worksheets are very useful to your kids, students to teach, learn, and practice at their home and school. 

1. ACCHULU Worksheets ( అచ్చులు క్రుత్యపత్రాలు) - A to AM (ఆ నుండి అం)

2. PA-DA-VA- NA- SA Letters Worksheet - ( ప-డ-వ-న- స  అక్షరాలు)

3. UO-GA-TA Letters Worksheet - ( ఉ-గ-త అక్షరాలు )

4. BA- LA- KA- RA Letters worksheet - ( బ- ల- క- ర అక్షరాలు )

5. UOO - MA- YA- LA- CHA Letters Worksheet (ఊ- మ- చ- య- ల అక్షరాలు)

6. AA- TA- JA- DHA- DA Letters Worksheet (ఆ- ట- జ- ద- డ అక్షరాలు)

7. KHA- GHA Letters Worksheet (ఖ- ఘ అక్షరాలు)

8. CHA- JHA- SHA Letters Worksheet  (ఛ- ఝ- ష అక్షరాలు)

9. TTA- DHA Letters Worksheet  (ఠ- ఢ - అక్షరాలు)

10. SHA- SHA- LLA Letters Worksheet (ష - శ- ళ అక్షరాలు)

11. THA- DDHA Letters Worksheet (థ - ధ అక్షరాలు)

12. Telugu Alphabet Practice sheets of Telugu Badi. 

12a. Alphabet Missing Practice Sheets (అ నుండి ఱ)

12b. Individual Telugu Varnamala Practice and reading cards from TeluguBadi. (అ నుండి ఱ)

12c. Gunintha aksharalu Practice Worksheets (గుణింత అక్షరాలు క్రుత్యపత్రాలు) Telugubadi

Telugu Workbook:

Introducing the Ultimate Telugu Language Workbook: Your Pathway to Fluency!

his meticulously crafted workbook includes 180 worksheets packed with diverse activities designed to help you learn Telugu easily and quickly. Whether you can't read or write Telugu or are simply struggling to grasp the language, this book is the perfect resource for you.

Key Features:
  • Beginner-Friendly:Ideal for those who can't read or write Telugu.
  • Bilingual Support: Each page and word come with English subtitles, making it easier to understand and learn through English.
  • Diverse Activities: Engage with a variety of exercises that ensure a thorough understanding of the language.
  • For All Ages: Perfect for children and adults alike, making it a great family learning tool.
  • Convenient Learning: Specially designed for people living outside the state who want to stay connected to their roots.

This workbook is a unique resource that you won't find anywhere else. Priced at just 350 INR with an additional 100 INR for shipping across India, it offers excellent value for money.

How to Get Your Copy:

Contact us at 9704487533 to order your workbook today!

Cost: 350rs + 100 Shipping. 
Note: If anyone needs a full set of worksheets soft copy (total 155 sheets) to teach or learn Telugu, contact me at 9704487533. The cost of the material is 1000rs. The set has, learning sheets, tracing sheets, reading cards, and practice worksheets (Download Sample Set). 

Worksheets in the Material:

1. Letter Worksheets ( అ నుండి అం) - 16 sheets
2. Word Worksheets ( సరళ పదాలు) - 34 sheets
3. Gunithalu Worksheets (గుణింత పదాలు) - 48 sheets
4. Dwithwaksharalu Worksheets ద్విత్వాక్షర పదాలు)- 30 sheets
5. Reading cards (అభ్యసన కార్డ్స్) - 27 sheets

Total Worksheets = 155

I will also support and prepare relevant worksheets according to your child for free of cost.  


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