Say 'NO' to Bullying - Anti- Bullying Lesson Plan and Activities

Topic: Say 'NO' to Bullying

Grade: Primary and upper primary

The main idea and activities of the lesson plan are to raise awareness of bullying for students. Use this lesson to teach your students about, what bullying is, what it looks like, anti-bullying concepts, and take action to stop it when they see it along with the language aspects.

Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
  • learn what Bullying is.
  • listen to a dialogue and demonstrate understanding by answering true or false questions.
  • ask questions during the discussion.
  • know that being bullied makes people feel bad.
  • understand the word meaning in context by choosing the correct definition of the words.
  • read and understand the reading text by identifying the main ideas and transferring the supporting details into a table.
  • do a role play in groups.
Material: picture, audio clip (dialogue), task sheets, situation cards

  • Show the below picture of children being bullied.
  • Ask some questions pertaining to the picture.
  • Students answer questions orally.

  1. What do you observe in these pictures?
  2. What is happing there?
  3. Do you think, is this good behavior?
  4. Have you ever experienced such situations?
  5. What do we call those acts?
  6. Does this good or bad?
                Students share their answers, views, and experiences on incidents of bullying. 

Task 1:
  • Distributes the below worksheet.
  • Students read the questions before listening to the conversation. (Transcript)
  • The teacher reads the conversation or plays audio of the transcript.
  • Students listen to the dialogue for the first time.
  • Students listen to the dialogue for the second time and complete the task sheet.
  • Students compare and discuss their answers with their peers.
  • The teacher discusses the answers with students.

Download the worksheet:

Task 2:
  • Distribute the reading text for the pupils to read.
  • Distribute the task sheet to the pupils.
  • Elicit from the student's main points of the previous discussion on bullying.
  • Explain to pupils that they will guess the meaning of the words before reading the text.
  • In pairs, students guess the meaning of the words to complete the task sheet.
  • In pairs, students check the meaning of words in the task sheet using a dictionary.
  • Next, students check the meanings of words according to the text.
  • Elicit the main ideas of each paragraph from students.


Task 1:
  • Students are assigned into groups of four.
  • Each group is given a situation card.
  • Students discuss what they would do in that situation.
Task 2:
  • Distribute a task sheet.
  • In groups of four, students identify the supporting details of the main idea of the paragraph.
  • Guide the groups to complete the task.

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