Animals around us: Oviparous, Viviparous, Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores - Lesson plan, Interactive Activities and Worksheets.

Lesson: Animals around us

Topic: Oviparous, viviparous, herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

Subject: Science

Grade: Primary and upper primary

Material: flashcards, interactive video, and worksheets.

Learning outcomes: 

  • Identify different features of birds and animals.
  • classify carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores.
  • know about the group behaviour of animals and birds.
  • show concern towards animals and birds.

           Here is a simple lesson plan along with interesting activities to teach about 'how animals birth?' and what they eat? 

Task 1:
  • Show some animals and birds flashcards and have a discussion.
  • Ask students, where do they live? how are their body and shape? ..etc
  • Now tell your students to classify those animals into two types and write them in the below table.

 Task 2:
              Now tell your students that animals are two types based on their birth. Use the below picture to explain the concept.
Task 3:
          Tell your students to watch the below interactive video and answer the questions individually or in groups.

Task 4: 
  • Make the students into groups.
  • Tell them to complete the table after watching the video.

Task 5:
  • Again show the previous flashcards of animals and ask some questions about their food habits.
  • Like 'Have you seen what they eat?'
  • Tell them all animals do not eat the same food. Some eat only plants, some eat meat and some eat both plants and meat.
  • Explain them using the below flashcard.
Task 6:
  • Make the students into groups.
  • Tell them to complete the table.

Task 7:
  • Make your students into groups.
  • Tell them they are going to talk about an animal.
  • Give the below example to explain an animal.
  • Ex: "I am a cow. I eat grass. I am a herbivore. I am a tiger. I eat the flesh of animals. I am a carnivore. I am a bear. I eat plants and the flesh. I am an omnivore."
Task 8:
  • Tell them students to prepare a flipbook on 'oviparous and viviparous.'
  • Distribute the below worksheet and show the video how should they do?
  • Guide and support them to complete the task.
  • Present in the classroom.
Download the worksheet
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