A Creative way of Teaching Poems and Rhymes to the students -("KIND WORDS POEM")- Lesson plan, activities and creative presentation.

Topic: Poem

Poem: Kind Words

Subject: English

Grade: Primary and upper primary

Objectives: Able to

  • know the meaning of the words "kind, helpful, nice, and generous"
  • understand the meaning of the phrases "Kind hearts, kind words, kind deeds, and kind thoughts."
  • sing the poem.
  • know the importance of the trees.

            Here is a simple lesson plan and activities of the poem Kind words written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. And also I am attaching the video of my student's creative presentation.


Task 1:

  • Show the below flashcards to the students.
  • Ask some questions pertaining to the pictures.
  • Ex: What do you observe? What are they doing? Have you seen such people? Have you ever helped anyone? ...etc.
  • By asking these questions try to focus to get the words 'kind, helpful, nice, and generous.'
  • Facilitate them to understand the words by explaining their meanings.
  • Focus on the main word "KIND"

Task 2:

  • Tell the students to we are going to draw a mindmap.
  • Tell them to write the "KIND" word in the middle.
  • Tell them to prepare some phrases using the word "KIND." (Ex: Kind heart, kind thoughts..etc)
  • See the below example.

Task 3:
  • Show the below flashcards to the students.
  • Make them familiar with the meanings of the phrases 'Kind hearts, kind words, kind deeds, and kind thoughts.
  • Ask how the pictures are related to the phrase.
  • Explain to them the internal meaning of the poet by making some discussion.


Task 4:
  • Present the poem
  • Tell your students to tune the poem.


Task 5:

  • See the below presentation.
  • If it is good practice with your students.
Task 2:
  • Tell them they are going to prepare a poster on the benefits of trees.
  • Tell them to draw or paint a tree using their hand. 
  • See the below model.
  • Tell them to write uses of the trees.
  • Discuss in groups and present.

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