A Fun Writing Activity for WH- Questions.

Topic: WH- Questions
Subject: English
Skills: Speaking, Writing, and grammar.             

          Creative writing activities help students to express themselves in a more creative and imaginative way. They also help to develop student's writing skills and fluency. When we design such activities, it may lead to integrating other language skills as well as critical thinking skills. You can also find the WH questions - Lesson Plan here. 
                 When students are able to both speak and write about a topic, they are more likely to develop a stronger understanding of the material, which also leads to developing a stronger understanding of the material. Here my students have been given a task after completing the topic "WH - Questions." 
               Once I have explained the usage of the 'Question words', gave the below worksheet and told them to prepare a puppet like shown in the picture. 

Writing Activity:
  • I paired my students into groups of two and told them to exchange their puppets.  
  • Download the Worksheet
  • Then I informed them that their friend is going to buy the watch/necklace, so which questions you will ask him/her to know about their interest to buy that one. 
  • Made them read, and understand the question words again.
  • Told them to write only questions using the question words in the given space.  
  • Later, I told them to exchange their puppets back and write the answers to the questions written by their partner.
  • Finally, the pair presented their work.  
                I concluded the activity with a Question and Answer activity.

          When students are working on a speaking and writing project together, they are able to enhance collaboration skills. The activity allows students to express their ideas in both spoken and written form and also encourages creativity.
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