A Constructive Activity to Teach "NAMES" for Primary Students

Topic: NAME
Grade: Pre Primary and Primary
Skills: Listening, Speaking, reading and Writing.

                       This is one of my best activities to teach children's name and develop questioning to get his or her name. I did this activity in a part of my lesson to know how to spell and write their names of my children. I targeted the language function "Who is this boy or girl?" in order to get to know and write their friend's names along with his or her name.               

                   I planned a speaking activity to drill the question "Who is this boy?" and answer "He is Ramcharan." by grouping three children in a group. In the three-member group, one student will ask the question by pointing a boy and another student says the answer. Along with that, I facilitated my students to identify the written from the question and answer by writing those on the blackboard in order to get the spellings. you can watch the below video to get a clear idea of the speaking activity.

                             After this speaking activity, I took the photocopies of my students and prepared a dice to do a writing activity. You can see the dice in the below picture. Along with the dice, I prepared a worksheet to write the answer. 
                           I paired my students and instructed them one should roll the dice and ask the question and another one would write the answer by saying loudly to his or her partner. And the next time they change their roles. If anyone doesn't know the spelling of the student who he got, they will go to the student and ask the seplling of his name. They continued the game until complete the worksheet. Later I asked them to present in front of the class. So this activity helped me to get the language functions informally by my students. Informal learning has taken place through this activity by getting the vocabulary "who, is, he, boy and girl" and using a question without of any grammatical knowledge. Along with that, every student learned the spellings of students in the class.

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