Creative Method to teach a Reading Part ( " Nine or Ten")

Lesson: Nine or Ten
Class: 3rd
Language Skills: Reading, Speaking, and Creative Expression.

                  There are different teaching methods to teach reading part. Here I used the roleplay method to teach the reading of this lesson "Nine or Ten." Teaching in the same way and the same method may not give good results and not suitable for every content. So the teacher must attentive to method regarding the content. Create the English classroom environment is more important to acquire the language and involving the children in teaching is also important.
                   This was a known story of a foolish young man and donkeys, given as a reading card in a unit. I asked my children to roleplay the lesson while I am reading the story rather translate the story into their mother tongue. Children enacted well. They understood the lesson very well without translating the story into the mother tongue. I used only my children as a resource to act. This teaching method helped me to explain the phrases " he got onto the back, he mounted one donkey and he got down." without translating and helped me to create an English classroom environment. Here is the video, please watch. 

Download Video Link: Nine or Ten

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