Transaction of the "Nation's Strength" poem

Subject: English
Lesson: A Nation's Strength poem
Class: 4th Grade
Skills: Creative Expression and writing.

Objectives : 
  •   To understand the vocabulary
  •   To use that vocabulary in those daily situations
  •   To understand the people in the nation
  •   To understand the moral and patriotic values of a citizen.
                      We know very well every nation builds with people not with buildings. People are the nation. Some people work for the nation by doing a job in the Army, Navy, and Airforce. They are not working for their children and they scarify their lives to the nation. Through this poem I want to educate my children how are they working for their nation in the borders and who are the real citizens of a nation and what characters should we possess to be a good citizen. I educated my children by showing a video of the three forces, how the soldiers are working in the real field.
              I asked my children to read the poem at once and identify the difficult words in the poem. later I gave the meanings of the words and explained the contextual meaning. Now I asked them to write the rhyming words in the poem. In the next period, I gave a worksheet to fill in the blanks and write the rhyming words in the given table.
             Finally, I choreographed the poem. Later I have edited this video and showed it to my children how their choreography related to real. They enjoyed a lot. You can download the video and worksheet from the below links.
 ( Thanks to for providing that video)

                                                                   (The Rhyme)

 A choreography of this rhyme by my children

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