An Approach to Understand, Learn and Assess the ALPHABET better

Subject : Language - English
Class : PrePrimary and Ist Grade
Skill : Reading and Writing.

                   Children are not learning the language in our classrooms, they acquire the language. In order to learn the language skills you need to start with listening skill. Until and unless you are not giving good listening to them, language learning will not happen. So we need to follow the psychological order of language skills L, S, R and last W. So learning language in few schools has been hurry without of better understanding. That's why children are not responding to drawing interference questions.
                             Coming to writing part and also learning the alphabet, we should first concentrate on recognizing the letter. So, to recognize the letters we need to provide such environment, worksheets and activities to the early school children. Later we should concentrate on tracing the letters. And then matching the upper and lower case alphabet. And then recognizing or extract the letter (mostly first letter) from a picture and tracing. An then writing those alphabet in four rule papers. At last we can go for placing the wright alphabet in the spelling. So If you follow the strategy your children learning will change. See my assessment worksheets of my children to learn alphabet better.

1.Recognize the alphabet by colouring

2.Recognize and Tracing the alphabet on dotted lines

3.Matching the Lower and Upper Letters 

4.Identify first letter of a picture, find and trace the alphabet

5.Writing letters on four ruled worksheet

6.Fill in the missing letter in the word. 

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Rajesh Kouluri said…
Thank you very much.

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