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A creative writing task on a city.

Topic: About your city. Grade: 4th class. Skills: Writing.                Writing is a complex skill to develop and master, focusing on both the end product and the steps to arrive there. Writing skills only develop when young learners are taught how to write and are given opportunities to practice these skills and strategies.                So such visual worksheets help young learners a lot to develop writing skills. Such worksheets and engaging writing tasks are very important, especially for second language learners. I gave this writing task after a lesson "A trip to Horsley Hills" The theme of the lesson is sightseeing. So after this, I asked my learners to write about their city.  Here is the digital lesson transaction. A trip to Horsley Hills

Download the Worksheet.

NOUN SORT - Grammar Worksheets

Class: 4th Grade
Topic : Common Nouns and Proper Nouns
Skill : Grammar

                      Using grammar worksheets will help a lot to Government School children and teachers. I am always searching for such worksheets to teach grammar joyfully without of any burden. If you teach grammar isolate to that age group children, their cognitive levels can't understand the grammar topics. So teaching grammar in primary schools should be in contextual. So I have been using such grammar activity sheets whether they understand the concept well or not.
                                               After completion of explaining, I have instructed my children to read the nouns in the given worksheet, discuss with their partner and identify the common nouns and proper nouns. Later they have written in the table.

( Thanks to that website to prepare the nice activity sheet. )

An Innovative Grammar Activity- Pronoun Garden

Topic: Basic Pronouns Class: 4th Grade Skill: Grammar 
                                Teaching grammar to the primary children is a major challenge and we should not teach the grammar isolate. So I have been using different worksheets to understand the grammar topics better. After explaining the pronouns topic I got an idea to do a craft activity for better understanding.                                So I told my children we are going to design a pronoun garden in the next period. That day I supplied charts, paper petals and colour pens to them. I guided my children how to prepare flowers in the garden. And then I instructed my children to write the pronouns "He, She, It, and They", in the middle of the flower and write nouns related to HE on petals. Like this, they completed their writing task. They were very happy.  

An Interactive writing task on Community Helpers

Topic: Community Helpers Class: Primary Skills: Writing, Reading, and Speaking.
                                A joyful classroom environment always leads to good learning even in a low resource classroom. Learner-centered teaching activities will give great results and can easily achieve multiple skills at a time. And moreover, students learn the language informally when they are engaged in such activities.

                          While teaching the lesson "COMMUNITY HELPERS" I planned the activity to target speaking and writing skills after teaching about the community helpers. Along with that, I engaged my children with a ball game to enact like washerman, potter, and tailor..etc., for a better understanding of the characters.
                         In this game, students stand in a circle and pass the ball while music plays. The person who holds the ball at the time music stops, he comes to the middle of the circle and pick the card and enacts the characte…

An Outstanding Reading Activity to Primary School Children.(1st and 2nd Class)

Class :2 Skill: Reading
                       I don't know whether it is wright or wrong, but it's giving super results in my class. My 2nd class children read the entire lesson with out any difficulty. Especially children studying in Govt Primary Schools they didn't know the alphabets before the school. Mostly rural background children are first generation child in their family. Teaching English to those children, especially who didn't go through the pre schooling is more difficult. I have used this strategy to give contextual meaning of new vocabulary and clear meaning of each and every sentence with out translating into their mother tongue( Telugu)   {Read amazing reading activity post for description of this activity}

"My Habits"- Rhyme Activities and Worksheets.

Class: 2nd
Lesson: My habits
Academic Standards: Speaking and writing.

                My Habits Rhyme gave good exposure to my 2nd class children to speak and respond about their daily routines. I connected this lesson with their daily activities and few speaking activities gave good exercise to use the language in their real-life situations.

              I started teaching the rhyme with a video of daily routines. I explained these are our daily routines and we should do these works for a healthy life. So we called these are good habits. I elicited related vocabulary waking up, brushing, bathing, playing, and going to school.

             Later I gave flashcards to my children to speak and explained the habit. Like all the children explained their flashcard. Students presented like...
She is brushing. He is bathing He is reading. She is going to school.  this speaking activity helped the children to practice the sentences and write those sentences correctly in the writing activity. Yo…