Teach "Subject and Verb Agreement" with these fun classroom activities and games.

Topic: Subject and Verb Agreement

Subject: English

Grade; Primary and Upper primary

Teaching subject and verb agreement to primary students can be engaging and effective using interactive lesson plans. Here are some creative and interactive approaches and games. Definitely, these fun activities and games help you a lot to teach the topic to your students.

1. Hands-On- Activity:
  • Start your lesson with a fun story that includes characters with distinct personalities. 
  • Emphasize how each character has a specific action they perform.
  • Based on the story create some cards with different characters and their actions. For example, "The cat [play] with the ball" or "The birds [sing] in the tree."
  •  Ask students to match the character with the correct verb, emphasizing the agreement between the subject and the verb.
  • Provide sentence fragments with missing verbs and let students choose the correct verb for the subject. For instance, "The dog [ ] in the garden."
  • Distribute hand worksheets to the students.
  • Tell them to cut the hands shown in the picture.
  • Tell them to paste the hands on the black A4 sheet.
  • Write the pronouns 'he, she, it, they...etc on the palm.
  • Tell them to write the correct verb form on the fingers. (is, are am..etc.)
  • Tell them to complete the activity shown in the picture.

Here are some other activities to teach the Subject and Verb Agreement.

2. Subject-Verb Matching:
  • Create cards with subjects and corresponding verbs. For example, one card may say "The cat," and another card may say "play."
  • Students match the subject card with the correct verb card, emphasizing the agreement.
3. Verb Toss:
  • Write different subjects on one set of bean bags and corresponding verbs on another set.
  • Have students toss the bean bags to each other, creating sentences by combining the subject and verb they catch.
4. Verb Relay Race:
  • Divide the class into teams. Place subject and verb cards at a distance.
  • One student from each team runs to the cards, selects one subject and one verb, and forms a correct sentence before returning to the team.
5. Sentence Building Puzzles:
  • Create sentence puzzles by cutting sentences into subject and verb fragments.
  • Students work in pairs or small groups to assemble the puzzles and create complete sentences.
6. Interactive Whiteboard Game:
  • Use an interactive whiteboard to display sentences with missing verbs.
  • Students come up to the board and fill in the blanks with the correct verbs, encouraging participation.
7. Verb Bingo:
  • Create bingo cards with different subjects.
  • Call out verbs, and students mark the corresponding subject if it's on their bingo card.
8. Subject-Verb Agreement Song:
  • Develop a catchy song or chant that highlights subject-verb agreement rules.
  • Sing the song together as a class to reinforce the concept.
Remember to adapt these activities based on the specific needs and level of understanding of your students. Making the learning process interactive and enjoyable can enhance comprehension and retention of subject-verb agreement rules. 
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