The Magic Fish Lesson Plan - Story Transaction, TLM, Writing Activity

Lesson: The Magic Fish
Subject: English
Garde: 4th
Skills: Reading, Writing, and Speaking
                  Here is a creative lesson plan to teach the story of "The Magic Fish" from the class 4th AP SCERT English. 
  • Students will be able to identify the main characters, setting, and plot events of the story.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the sequence of events in the story. 
  • Students will summarize the story in a paragraph, demonstrating their ability to convey information concisely. 
  • Students will use the new vocabulary words in sentences to demonstrate comprehension. 
  • Students will engage in a role-play activity, demonstrating an understanding of the characters and events. 
  • Students will participate in class discussions about the story's themes, values, and moral lessons.
Teaching Learning Material:
  • Pictures of fisherman, fish, wife, hut, place, house, and flashcards. 
  • Begin the lesson by telling your students that you're going to read a story, but before they hear it, they will make some predictions about what might happen in the story.
  • Write the key vocabulary words on the whiteboard or flipchart and briefly discuss their meanings with the students. For example, you can ask students if they know what a "fisherman" is or if they can guess what "greedy" means.
  • Encourage students to predict what the story might be about based on these vocabulary words. For example, you can ask questions like: 1. Who do you think the main character in the story is? 2. Where might the story take place? 3. What could the word "greedy" suggest about a character's behavior?
  • Write down their predictions on the board.
  • Tell the students that you're going to read the story to see if their predictions are correct. 
  • Read the story aloud to the class or have students take turns reading paragraphs.
  • Pause at certain points to ask questions and check for understanding.
  • Use the TLM to narrate the story.
  • Create flashcards with the key vocabulary words. Discuss the meanings and have students use each word in a sentence.
  • Ask students to find synonyms and antonyms for selected words from the story.
  • Download the story.
Abhiram was a fisherman. He lived with his wife in a little hut near the sea. He went down to the sea every day to catch fish. One day, a strange thing happened. He caught a big golden fish in his net. When Abhiram took the fish out of the water, the fish began to speak. "O fisherman, please let me go." Abhiram was very surprised. He was a kind man. He let the fish go. .........

Story Narration:
  • Paste the story characters on the board shown in the picture.
  • Allot the dialogues with the students.
  • Tell them to practice the narration or dialogue.
  • Call the students to narrate the story using the puppets.

Writing Activity:
  • Have students write a short paragraph summarizing the story in their own words.
  • Tell them to recall the story and write the three wishes that the fisherman asked.
  • Distribute a piece of white paper and draw them a big fish on the paper.
  • Distribute three coloured paper strips that are shaped like the scales of a fish. 
  • Tell them to paste the three strips as shown in the picture.
  • Tell them to write the three wishes on each scale. 
  • Tell them the write the summary of the story.
  • Facilitate the students to complete the story.
  • Encourage creative writing by asking them to imagine what they would wish for if they caught a magical fish. (Extended Activity)

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Lalitha Budarapu said…
Hearty congratulations to you sir, for all your achievements and your innovations are really appreciative. Students really wants this kind of atmosphere in classroom transaction.kudos to your Wonderful activities sir
Rajesh Kouluri said…
Thank you so much for your great words, mam.

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