WH Questions Lesson Plan- Fun and Engaging Way of Teaching Method for Primary Students

Lesson Title: Exploring WH Question Words 

Grade Level: Primary

Subject: English

Starting with flashcards is an effective way to visually introduce and reinforce WH question words. This method should align well with this approach and engage your primary students effectively.


  1. To introduce and familiarize students with WH question words (who, what, where, when, why, how) using flashcards.
  2. To enable students to understand when and how to use WH question words.
  3. To practice forming and asking WH questions.


  1. Flashcards with WH question words.
  2. Pictures or illustrations related to daily activities.
  3. Whiteboard and markers or a digital board if available.


  • Begin by displaying the flashcards with WH question words on the board.
  • Engage the students by asking if they recognize these words and if anyone knows what they are used for.
  • Explain that today's lesson will be all about these special words and how to use them effectively.

Activity 1: WH Questions with Flashcards:

  • Show each WH question word flashcard to the class one by one.
  • For each word, provide a simple example sentence on the board. For example, for "What," you can write "What is this?" next to the flashcard.
  • Ask the students to repeat the sentences aloud, emphasizing the pronunciation and the meaning of each WH word.
  • Encourage students to come up with their own simple sentences using each WH question word.

Activity 2: WH Questions Match

  • Provide each student with a set of WH question flashcards.
  • Prepare a set of picture cards related to everyday scenes or objects.
  • In pairs, students take turns drawing a picture card and asking a partner a question using the appropriate WH word.
  • The partner must answer the question. For example, if the picture card is of a bicycle, the question could be "What is this?"
  • Continue until each student has had a chance to ask and answer questions.
  • You can also try this: Tell each student to ask a question using a "WH" word. 
  • Watch the video.
Activity 3: Fill in the blanks.
  • Prepare a set of WH word cards.
  • Write 5 to 10 questions on the board without having question words. (Leave blank for the question word. Ex: _______ is your birthday?)  
  • Tell your students to pick a Wh Question word slip and paste at the right blank.
  • Facilitate the students and have a review at the end.
Activity 4: Creating a Story 

  • Show a picture that tells part of a story (e.g., a picture of a character at a park).
  • Ask students to take turns picking a WH question flashcard and then asking a question about the picture using that word.
  • Encourage creativity and teamwork as they build the story together.
 Hope you love the simple and engaging plan of the topic. You can also see the below lesson plans for teaching WH questions and creative writing activities.

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