The Recipe Book - Cooking Up Teamwork - Lesson Plan and Activities to Teach

Lesson: Cooking Up Teamwork (The Recipe Book)

Grade Level: Primary School (Suitable for English, Moral Science, or Character Education)

Subject: English Language Arts

                 What a wonderful story! It's a great example of teamwork and cooperation among different elements in the kitchen. This story could be used as an engaging way to teach primary school students about collaboration and problem-solving. You could turn this story into a creative lesson plan where students get to play different roles like the pot, mixer, knife, and stove, and work together to "prepare" a virtual meal just like in the story. This hands-on activity would not only make the lesson interactive but also teach the important values of helping and working together.


  • Understand the concept of teamwork and collaboration.
  • Identify and discuss the roles of different kitchen tools in the story.
  • Promote empathy and helping behavior among students.


  • Printed copies of the story "The Recipe Book." ( Download the Story PPT )
  • Visual aids of kitchen tools (pot, mixer, knife, stove).
  • Puppets of man, food, pot, mixer, knife, and stove.
  • Reading cards if necessary.

Introduction :

  1. Begin by asking students if they know what teamwork means and if they can give examples of working together as a team.
  2. Introduce the story "The Recipe Book." by explaining the character of Raju and his hotel and explaining that it's about how different kitchen tools helped each other to cook a meal when Raju fell ill.
  3. Show the visual aids of kitchen tools and briefly describe their roles in cooking.
Reading and Discussion:

  1. Past the puppets of the story and along with reading cards.
  2. Tell them to observe the puppets and read the storylines pasted under each puppet.
  3. Transact the story using the puppets and make the students understand the text well. 
  4. Engage in a class discussion about the story. Ask questions like:
  5. Watch the video (Practice Reading) -1
  6. Watch the video ( Reading Practice) -2
  • Who is Raju?
  • What did he own?   
  • What problem did Raju face in the story?
  • How did the kitchen tools help each other and Raju?
  • What qualities did the kitchen tools show (e.g., teamwork, kindness)?
  • Why is it important to help each other when someone is in need?

  • You can use those puppets and reading cards to improve reading fluency where the classrooms have low reading abilities.

Activity: Role Play: 

  • Divide the students into small groups.
  • Assign each group a kitchen tool (pot, mixer, knife, stove) from the story.
  • Provide each group with small objects representing ingredients.
  • Have each group role-play a scenario where their assigned tool interacts with others to "prepare" a meal, just like in the story.
  • You can also use the same story and dialogue to do the role-play. It depends upon your students.
  • Encourage students to discuss and act out how their tools can help each other effectively.

Activity: Writing

  • Provide students with large sheets of paper and markers.
  • Ask them to draw the characters and scenes, and write down the dialogue. 
  • You can also ask them to draw a scene from the story that shows the kitchen tools working together.
  • You can also create different characters and tell your students to write dialogue to prepare a new story. (Example: Car, toy, bicycle...etc)
  • Encourage students to label their drawings with key points about cooperation and teamwork.
  • You can use the below worksheet as a reference.

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