Save The Planet - Save Our Earth Lesson Plan and Activities to Teach Interactively

Lesson: Our Planet

Subject: Environmental Science

Grade: Primary and Upper Primary

Skills: Values and Citizenship

Here I am giving you a simple, creative, and interactive lesson plan to teach the topic "Save our Planet or Save our Earth." 


  • Understand the importance of taking care of our planet.
  • Identify and discuss various environmental issues.
  • Explore practical ways to contribute to saving the Earth.
Teaching Aids: Video clip, ’Save the Earth’, song, ‘Earth Song, song lyrics, Task Sheet 

  • Show students the music video for the ‘Earth Song’ (muted).
  • Students talk about what they see happening to the earth in the video.
  • While listening, students listen to the "Earth Song" and answer the questions on the Task Sheet.
  • Download the Task Sheet.
  • Tell the students to read the below paragraph silently
  • Read the test and introduce the new words.
  • (Climate, habitat, protect, forests, earth, greenhouse, emissions, environment)
  • Get the students to repeat the new words
  • Distribute the text and ask pupils to skim and scan the text. Students circle the 8 words above.
  • Ask pupils to infer the meaning of the words using contextual clues. Show the word cards with their meanings.
  • Tell the students we have a brainstorming session.
  • Students brainstorm the below questions
  • 1. What's happening to the earth? 2. What can we do to save our earth? 
  • Tell the students that we are going to do a craft activity.
  • Tell them to think 5 ways that they can do to save our planet. (If possible, suggest them to bring pictures and paste it.) 
  • Distribute the below activity sheet.
  • Tell them to prepare the cap and paste or write the actions they do to save our planet.
  • Tell them to present in the class. Suggested presentation " I can help my earth by planting trees, growing forests, riding my bicycle, saving water, and recycling the garbage."
  • Download the craft sheet.
 Hope you enjoy the lesson.

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