Lesson Plan of Simple Past Tense - Interactive Lesson Plan and activities for Simple Past

Topic: Simple Past Tense

Lesson: A Trip to Horsley Hills.

Grade: Primary and Upper primary

Objectives: Able to 

  • speak on related topics with guidance.
  • talk about interesting places they have visited.
  • know and use past tense to describe past events.
  • describe the places that they visited.
  • talk and describe the famous places near to their places. 

Teaching aids: Video, PowerPoint slides, and task sheet

  • Ask students about their past holiday trips.
  • Tell them a few questions like 1. what did they like most during the trip. 2. What did they buy?..etc.
  • Then show a picture of the seaside. Then tell them to write what would they like to do at the place? (Ex: swimming, building castles...etc)
  • Prepare a mind map.
  • Lead students to talk about Horsley Hills.
  • Examples: Have you been to Horsley Hills?
  • What are the places of interest in Horsley Hills?
  • Show a video clip entitled “Horsley Hills Madanapalli Chittoor” 
  • Prompt students to talk about what they see in the video clip (Teacher can do this by asking some questions based on the information given in the video clip)

  • Distribute a task sheet to students and explain the task.
  • Play the audio recording. Students listen to the audio.
  • Replay the audio recording again and students complete the task.
  • Discuss answers with students.
  • Download the Task sheet. 
  • Display the table below on the board
  • Lead students to recall Hemanth’s trip to Horsley Hills and fill in the details in the table.
  • Model the sentence structure orally.
  • Example: Last holiday, Hemanth went to Horsley Hills. He visited Galibanda. He experienced strong winds.
  • Students work in pairs.
  • Distribute a task sheet to each pair.
  • Students identify one interesting place they have visited and complete the table.
  • Students talk about their experiences in class.
Task 2:
  • Write the sentences from the Hemnaths table on the board.
  • 1. He went to Horsley Hills. 2. He visited Galibanda, Mini Zoo, and Madanapalli town. 3. He saw beautiful sunrises and sunsets. 4. He bought a guitar. 5. He ate Malaypoori.
  • Darg their attention to the words visited, saw, bought, went, and ate.
  • Tell them these are all action words and past forms of the root words.
  • Write both forms of the action words. (visit- visited, see-saw, go- went, buy- bought, eat- ate...etc)
  • Tell them simple past tense is used to describe an action that has taken place in the past and was completed.
  • Explain the simple past tense concept and relate it with their last holiday description. (Table 2) 
Task 3:
  •  Give a project work to your students.
  • Tell them to describe their favorite place, village, or town. 
  • Use the below activity to describe the place.


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