All about Sense Organs Lesson Plan - Interactive slides, game and worksheet.

Topic: My Sense Organs

Subject: Science

Garde: Primary

Learning Skills: Reading, speaking, and creative thinking.

Objectives: Students should be able to

  • identify the sense organs.
  • understand the functions of sense organs
  • talk and write about the importance of sense organs

  • Prepare a set of five flashcards related to the functioning of sense organs.
  • Use the below statements to prepare the flashcards.
  • Examples: 1. Ice is cold. 2. The elephant is big. 3. Flowers smell good. 4. Candy is sweet. 5. Mobile is ringing.
  • Show the below puzzle cards to the students.
  • Tell them to observe the picture and guess the organ to notice the action.
  • Read the statements to help them to find the organ. 
  • At the end of the activity ask them 'what do we call these organs?' 

    Explain to them "eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin are called sense organs." 
  • The human body has five main sense organs- eyes, which provide the sense of sight; nose, which provides the sense of smell; ear, which provides the sense of hearing; skin, which provides the sense of touch; and tongue, which provides the sense of taste.
  • Sense organs help our body to respond to different stimuli.
  • Sense organs are very sensitive.
  • The effective functioning of these organs is a symbol of a healthy body.
  • Use the below slide show to explain more 
  • Tell your students that we are going to play a game.
  • Get a colour photocopy of the below activity sheet.
  • Cut the images and prepare 25 activity cards as shown below.
  • Explore the cards with the students and make them aware. 
  • Make sure that students should be able to match the cards with the right sense organ.
  • Stick the sense organs picture cards on the board shown in the picture.
  • Draw a circle just far from the board and place, the rest of the 20 cards in the circle.
  • Tell your students to stand in a line at the circle facing towards the board.
  • Tell them that one by one should pick a card from the circle, run to the board, stick the card under the right sense organ and come back and join the line at the end.
  • Continue the game until the completion of the all cards in the circle.
  • Download the activity picture cards.
  • Watch the video.

  • Distribute the below worksheet and clour pencils to the students.
  • Tell them to clour the sense oranges.
  • Tell them to cut, paste and prepare like a flipbook.
  • Tell them to wite the functioning of the senses organs in simple sentences.
  • Example: 1. Eyes help us to see. I like to watch Agra Fort. 2. Ears help us to listen. I like to listen songs...etc.  
  • Present their work in the class.
  • Download the worksheet.

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