Simple Future Tense Lesson Plan and activities - Angry Birds Birthday Party.

                  An interesting lesson plan and activities to teach simple future tense easily and effectively. The lesson has been prepared around the story of "Angry Birds." It has speaking, writing, and creative thinking activities. It is very useful to teach online with interactive activities and downloadable printouts. 

Topic: Simple Future Tense


  • Able to understand the simple future tense and use verbs correctly and appropriately
  • Able to form simple sentences with ‘will’ and ‘will not.
  • Able to create a ‘Friendship Pledge’ using the simple future tense. 

     Once upon a time, there were three happy birds. Papa Bird was yellow, Mama Bird was red, and Baby Bird was blue. They were very happy because Mama Bird had just laid three beautiful, shiny eggs. The eggs were resting safely in the nest. Nearby, three Biggy Noses were watching the eggs. They were very hungry and wanted to eat the eggs. But Papa Bird, Mama Bird, and Baby Bird always guarded the eggs so it was impossible for the Biggy Noses to steal them. But one day, a curious mosquito was flying nearby. It saw the shiny eggs and was attracted to them. It flew to the eggs and perched on them. This made Mama Bird very furious. She pushed the mosquito away with her beak and started trampling on it. The other birds joined her, including the black Grandpa Bird. While they were busy killing the mosquito, the Biggy Noses quickly stole the three eggs. They started cooking the eggs over a fire. When the birds saw them, they were very angry. 

  1. Share/display the picture of the Angry Birds and Biggie Noses celebrating a birthday party.
  2. Tell students that the angry birds have finally attended anger management classes and learned their lesson about the negative effects of anger. They are now good friends with the Biggie Noses and are celebrating Baby Bird’s birthday together.
  3. Tell students that Angry Birds have made a friendship pledge to the Biggie Noses. Tell students to observe and read the pledge. 

                     Highlight the words ‘will’ and ‘will not’ in the pledge and explain to students that those are words in the simple future tense. Explain the function and form of the simple future tense. Tell them to watch the below video.

2. Tell students to observe the below flashcards with sentences in Simple Future.

Task: Fill in the blanks
  1. Tell your students to read the sentences and fill in the blanks using 'will or won't (will not)' 
  2. Discuss students’ answers and correct any errors made.
Task: Play a game.
  • Tell your students we are going to play a game. The game is "Where will you be?"
  • In this game, students have to say about their future actions to the teacher's question.
  • The teacher will ask the question 'Where will you be........................?' and students have to answer about themselves by using (I'll be....or I'll probably be.... or I don't know where I'll be.)  
  • Use the phrases to frame questions. 1. At 10 o'clock tomorrow. 2. one hour from now 3. at midnight tonight 4. at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon 4. two years from now 
  • Ex: 1. Where will you be at 10 o'clock tomorrow? (Ans: I'll probably be on the beach. OR I'll be at work. OR I don't know where I'll be.)
  • Tell your students to record their answers and share them with their friends.
  •  Discuss students’ answers and correct any errors made.
Task: Write sentences 
                  Tell your students to observe the pictures and read the clues. Tell them to write sentences using will and will not.

Task: Prepare ‘Friendship Pledge’
  • Explain to students that they are going to create a ‘Friendship Pledge’  like the one made by the Angry Birds, using the simple future tense.
  • Before starting, they first discuss the points to include and make a draft pledge on the A4 paper.
  • Check to see if any changes should be made. Then, students create their posters.
  • When they have finished, they share their posters.
  • To end, the teacher helps students recall and summarize all the concepts they learned.

Hope you enjoy the lesson plan. Thank you.

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